How To Order


Get Started

Getting started is easy. We have a tailor-made order form for ski hoodies and leavers hoodies that guides you through the process.

Hoodie Design

The fun part! Choose and design or send us your own, pick colours, hoodies and extras then we’ll put a visual together for you to confirm.

Place Order

Once you’ve confirmed your hoodie design there’s two ways to order. Online shop or spreadsheet. See below for details of both.


Once the orders are in, we’ll produce you hoodies in an agreed time frame and deliver them all together to your chosen address.

We’ll set up an online shop enabling students to order individually and pay securely online.

Once your design has been confirmed, we set up an online shop and give you a link to share. We take individual orders online over a set period of time and then collate and print them before posting them to you, as a batch, along with an order summary to make it easy when handing out to the students.

Payment Methods:

PayPal / Credit or Debit Card.

Best Choice For:

– Large orders (30+ hoodies).
– Offering hoodies as an optional extra.
– Taking the stress out of collecting money and collating orders.

Manually manage orders and collect money yourself before passing the completed order details to us.

Collect the student’s hoodie orders and payments manually however you wish. When the orders have been taken you can email a spreadsheet to us containing the order details. We’ll check through the order and contact you to confirm your prefered method of payment (see below). We’ll then print and send the hoodies to you in one batch.

Payment Methods:

Bacs Transfer / Paypal / Credit or Debit Card / Cheque.

Best Choice For:

– Small orders (up to 30 hoodies).
– School’s that have already collected money.
– Taking control of the order process.
– Trips where hoodies are compulsory.